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In the press

" A stand-out work from the concert was Natalie N. Johnson’s "generative grammar"...Johnson’s choreography, which was performed with great energy by Hulse and Lee, matched this music quite effectively, using quick, aggressive movements and leaps across the stage to match the style of Norberto’s work. This harmony between music and dance coupled high quality of both elements made generative grammar one of the most effective pieces of the afternoon."

-Joseph Bohigian, Vox Novus

"MaD Circle Dance"-Vox Novus NM 421 issue 14 by Joseph Bohigian N 

​"Exploring Natalie Johnson 13's Abstract World of Dance"- Bowdoin Daily Sun (Video) N

​"Bowdoin Senior Offers Ballet Class, Open to All"- Bowdoin Daily Sun (Video) N


"Portrait of an Artist--Natalie Johnson '13"- The Bowdoin Orient

"Dance department's annual concert showcases all course levels" -The Bowdoin Orient

"December Dance Concert features range of styles, abilities"- The Bowdoin Orient

"Interview with Natalie Johnson '13 about dance at Bowdoin" -Bowdoin Theater and Dance

"Bounding into Spring with Annual Dance Concert"- Bowdoin Daily Sun


"Dance Includes abstract, expressive" - The Bowdoin Orient

"40th anniversary of dance showcases diversity of curriculum" - The Bowdoin Orient


Photo by Tyler Micoleau

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