Saturday, November 20 at 8PM
Sunday, November 21 at 7PM

The Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

A livestream of the Saturday performance is also available

Join us for an exciting, heartfelt, and long overdue evening of dance, including the world premiere of our newest work, Imagined Warmth. Created over the tumultuous past 18 months, during periods of isolation, distancing, and finally, reconnection, Imagined Warmth brings to life the vast range of emotional experiences felt by our company and the rest of the country. A collection of reactions and feelings turned into solid, moving bodies, this work will serve as validation, catharsis, and a communal laugh-cry of recognition at the audacious impact of the pandemic. 

Included in this program are excerpts from our oldest piece of repertory, AGEN, that fit beautifully into the topic of enduring, coping and connecting. Finally, another new work by Natalie, Cocoon, will be danced by former NJD member and Guest Artist, Lea D'Arminio. We are thrilled to welcome Lea back to perform with us in this visceral and empowering solo created during our shared time of confusion, grieving, and overcoming.

 Natalie Johnson Dance
We are a New England-based Modern dance company with a focus on creating original movement that evokes universal experiences through individual histories. Our work celebrates healing, honesty, imperfection, and exploration.
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" A stand-out work from the concert was Natalie N. Johnson’s "generative grammar"...Johnson’s choreography, which was performed with great energy by Hulse and Lee, matched this music quite effectively, using quick, aggressive movements and leaps across the stage to match the style of Norberto’s work. This harmony between music and dance coupled high quality of both elements made generative grammar one of the most effective pieces of the afternoon."

-Joseph Bohigian, Vox Novus

Olivia Moon Photography