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Imagined Warmth

Length: 45 minutes

Dancers: 4

Imagined Warmth is a collection of pieces, each expressing a unique emotion in reaction the the pandemic.


Length: 11 minutes

Dancers: 1

Cocoon plays with both the literal and metaphorical concept of breaking out of one's shell to discover potential, strength, freedom, and vulnerability.


Length: 1 Hour

Dancers: 4

AGEN is a story of four people owning, battling, and shedding themselves, through love and pain, to become anew... 

Here Now,

Length: 15 min

Dancers: 4

A playful and tender meditation on the development of four women’s relationships with each other...


Length: 1 Hour

Dancers: 6

A collaboration between Natalie Johnson Dance and Italian composer Norberto Oldrini. The dance pairs with the complex and ethereal nature of the sound to produce an effect much like the dream state--nightmarish, illogical, humorous, and hurtful. .

Anne and Jack and Death

Length: 11 minutes

Dancers: 5

The exploration of the role of authorship in dance and other art forms... 


Length: 6.5 minutes 

Dancers: 2

A collaboration between Gwyneth Jones and Natalie Johnson. A playful, complex, and quirky duet that contrasts a tight, irreverent gestural quality with a virtuosic lusciousness in turn...


Length: 8 min

Dancers: 2

A little silly and a little serious, this duet navigates the challenge yet ultimate importance of female friendships...

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